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    The most basic value proposition for technology is the automation of a logical, repeatable process in business.
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    53% of Small Business owners cite having to cover multiple jobs as one of their greatest challenges.
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“In every business there is a process. Without it, there cannot be a consistent, quality output of a service or product. To the business owner or manager, the tasks and process flow of information and communications are the life-blood of the organization.” — Rich Vaughn, Founder & President, FlexOp 360

Our Approach

Many companies make the mistake of trying to solve business problems by choosing and implementing popular software solutions. Software is just one part in the solution. As the developers of FlexOp, we discovered many of our business processes needed to be refined and adapted, in order to take advantage of advanced software features. To streamline production processes, we began developing a custom relational database program in FileMaker, an Apple Subsidiary. Our solution, FlexOp PRO allows for instant access to real-time operational data and improved visibility into operations. We now work smarter in all functional areas – from plant floor to front office. Our persistence has resulted in a dynamic organization utilizing real-time information for scheduling and customer service. Mobile technology, digital imagery, video and document archiving are utilized. Above all else, we became efficient and profitable.

Unlike ERP solutions for large corporations, software solutions for small business do not have to be complex. The team at FlexOp 360 understands that small business owners or managers are the driving passion and are directly involved in the success of their business. Using this knowledge as the foundation, the FlexOp PRO ERP software solution was designed by the owners of a small business. FlexOp PRO ERP solution for small business works with any company’s existing methods and is customizable to meet unique business functional needs.

Here’s How We Do It

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