“It’s not a faith 
in technology.
It’s a faith in people.”

Steve Jobs

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Most businesses operate uniquely and provide a product or service. How a company uses technology and software will determine a project’s scope. FlexOp 360 focuses on key concerns:

  • Access to Data
  • Better Decision-Making
  • More Flexibility
  • Increasing Productivity

Once the key concerns are established, FlexOp can determine the size, scope, and support needs of the project. Discussions as to the budget and time frame, will give owners a deeper understanding of the project’s goals. Most importantly, it commits the owners to embrace the project, understand the complexity and have the discipline required to buy-in and support the project.

To meet all of a company’s support needs, FlexOp 360 partners with specialists in accounting, HR time and attendance, Microsoft Outlook,  IT hardware server systems, software programs, and IT systems. How these are integrated, how information is shared, and current uses of technology are key to understanding your future processes. FlexOp 360 takes a common sense approach. By reusing existing assets, when possible, FlexOp 360 can identify trade-offs of current process and present structure and develop the skills to support this new ERP solution.

A company’s resource of time and personnel is always challenged when taking on a new project. These constraints must be recognized and accounted for when the project starts. Once the scope has been defined, these goals and expectations can be achieved, managed and measured for Return on Investment (ROI) value.


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