“This customized automated scripted tasked library with common business functions — that also track and share connections — make FlexOp PRO unique among the many other software solutions on the market.”

‑ Rich Vaughn, Founder & President, FlexOp 360

FlexOp 360, using FlexOp PRO software, identifies shared and/or common business practices, logic and language then processes and creates a customized framework setting specific terminology throughout the program. FlexOp PRO is based on best practices and business logic used in the service and repair industries. It is a program designed specific for industry. It offers unique advantages, efficiencies, and new business features never realized in the past. The FlexOp 360 Team brings many years of user experience to this adoption to its owners.

Customizable Task Library

  • Determine your own business terminology and business processes.
  • Sequence a specific batch of common order process for individual orders.
  • All users interface follow, change, approve, and hold any task. Level permissions defined.
  • Job routing sheets customize common batch lists, which save time on data entry mistakes.
  • Tracks every line item, in real time to improve customer service, scheduling, profitably.

Dynamic Scheduling Engine

  • Definable order date algorithms that calculate labor resources and estimate labor constraints.
  • Gantt chart tracks progress, forecasts openings and determines bottlenecks in real time.
  • Adjust for bottlenecks and additional flex-time for improved scheduling and service level agreements.
  • Adjust and tracks resources with user-friendly Gantt chart that defines labor constraints.
  • Easy to use calendar viewing gives users simple, understandable daily and weekly views.

Contain and Control Documents

  • Add pictures, audio, video to each line item for emailing, historical record, and training.
  • Allow your everyday documents to be completely editable.
  • Add signature features and secure communications with your customers.
  • Keyword features give the ability to archive and retrieve digital documents in seconds.

Eliminate Duplicate Process

  • Integrate data among other software platforms.
  • Cut, copy and paste features eliminate errors and saves time.
  • Utilize connections of email and calendar connections and common CRM functions.
  • Synchronizes with QuickBooks.

Mobile Devices (IPad, IPhone and web browsers)

  • Filemaker Go features access real-time dashboard reports and data entry.
  • Your customers can use the web browsing feature to get order and important customer service information.
  • Web browsers allow anyone with an Internet connection to access all necessary information within the program.

Job Costing Module

  • Track and record purchases made for each job.
  • Track hourly rates achieved and job profitably after all expenses and related labor.
  • Track the profitably of each department in real-time by budgeted to actual hours.
  • Allows for a complete gross profit margin achieved, materials, vendor costs, actual labor hours and added department overhead charges related to the job.
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