How Process Works


“The future of mobile is incremental innovation with a transformational impact.”

Riejo Pold
Telefonica UK

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How the Process Works

Most companies have unique procedures, policies and quality control systems. These familiar work experiences don’t need to be changed for a new software system. Owners and FlexOp [The Team] will take an honest look at the current business process flow. The Team examines inputs, tasks, decisions, outputs, delays, constraints, and approvals that make up the company’s current process.

  • Are there processes that can be automated?
  • Can order processing time be improved if information is shared?
  • Can more employees easily share more information and expertise?
  • Can the sales department and customer service give real-time information to customers?
  • What if all your paper functioning systems worked on your mobile devices?

FlexOp 360’s key role is to oversee and direct the process improvement. Using lean methodologies to improve the current process, the team determines and integrates the most efficient methods to customize the FlexOp PRO software.


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